Embassy building in the UK

Why us? General Insurance Brokers UK Plc are a specialist Embassy insurance broker who have been insuring Embassy buildings for over 30 years. This also includes insuring commercial properties for high value companies and individuals.

The most important aspect to our success is we do not believe in providing an email service to the Embassy, the strength of our company has always been in providing a Face to Face service. This is the reason why we act for over 100 Embassies and High Commissions in UK, making us the largest Embassy insurance broker in the UK.

Insuring an Embassy is not like insuring a standard commercial building in the UK.
This is a common mistake and here are some reasons why:

  1. Claims can be refused if the Embassy does not have a valid electrical certificate in place in last 5 years
  2. If the Embassy has more than 15% flat roof, a claim can be refused
  3. If the Embassies Fire & Burglar alarms are not connected to a Central Station, can cause problems with claims
  4. In the event of a major loss, like a fire, UK insurers ask for an inventory of all contents. Unfortunately, we are aware that this is usually held with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs however a specialist Embassy policy can over come this problem

We have great knowledge of the problems that can happen if the Embassy is not insured on a special Embassy building policy.

  1. In the event of a claim, we can replace the damaged items, hence the Embassy does not have to receive or pay any money, alleviating financial matters with your Ministry.
  2. Insurers will insist on a Health & Safety plan be readily active. Our Embassy policies over come this.
  3. Liability cover for the Embassy for Local Employees & Public visiting the premises to collect visa’s etc will be covered under our special Embassy policy including legal costs. The Embassy will not have to appoint any solicitor as this will be covered by the special Embassy property policy.
  4. Liability for National Day functions at Embassy or Hotel will automatically be covered where a certificate can be provided to you to present to the hotel.
  5. Liability arising from food or drinks served at premises covered under our special Embassy policy.
  6. Personal possessions of Ambassador and family members. This is not included in standard residential policies but included in our Embassy policy.
  7. Liability for domestic staff like cooks, cleaners etc. all covered in our special Embassy policy.
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