We are proud to boast that we are one of
the most profitable independent firms in the UK

Clients often go looking for the cheapest policy and forget to look at two major factors when buying insurance.

Financial Stability of the Broker
Are they a small broker with less than £150,000 in the bank account or are they a Multi Million pound firm with over £15,000,000 cash in the bank?

Professionally Qualified Staff by Examination
Does the person you are buying insurance from, have any insurance qualifications OR are they just a simple sales person? Any professional insurance Broker will show the qualifications of “ACII” or “FCII” next to their name. This is your security that you are being sold the right policy and your broker understands all the terms & conditions of the policy & has explained all the small print to you.

General Insurance Brokers meets both criteria and are proud to be one of the most profitable independent firms in the UK.

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Financials from Dec. 31, 2021

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