Diplomatic and Ruling Families insurance is a highly specialized area with a number of particular requirements. Therefore it is essential to arrange cover through an insurance broker with experience in the field and products specifically designed for the diplomatic community. In the event of unexpected catastrophic incidents, GIB has a wealth of experience dealing in the arena of complex claim settlements. Take a look below at some prior claims handled by GIB.

Fire in an old wooden house

Major Fire at an African Embassy's house

An African Ambassadors house completely burnt down on Christmas Day to the value of £1,000,000 Our team were with them on same day. We moved them to a hotel and later on to a 4 bedroom house for 18 months which the insurers paid.

We worked with the architect and local council to obtain permission for the rebuild of new house. Completed a lengthy inventory of all the items damaged in the house.

The Embassy paid nothing with the entire house rebuilt and contents replaced within 18 months.

Total Claim settled at £600,000

An Embassy car collides with a London Bus

An Embassy vehicle was in a collision with a London Bus. 25 passengers in the Bus claimed for injuries, this meant 25 claims had to be dealt with for personal injuries.

The repairs to the Bus cost over £100,000. A new vehicle was provided to Embassy since vehicle was under 12 months old.

All 25 personal injuries for injuries sustained were dealt with in 6 months of claims coming in.

Total Claim settled at £250,000

Insurance for damaged London Bus after a collision
HM Treasury text engraved on wall

Embassies with Sanction problems

Various of our clients have sanctions on them imposed by HM Treasury – Financial Sanctions Unit. These clients come to us after having gone everywhere to obtain insurance but are refused out right.

We worked with the Treasury to obtain a special licence which we could transact the insurances for these particular Embassies. Coming up with a solution when nobody else in insurance industry will commit themselves to do.

Liability cases - Legal matters

An Embassy provided and paid for a religious scholar at a place of worship. A mentally deranged person broke in and vicously attacked the scholar. This caused severe trauma and irreparable damages to the scholar.

We dealt with entire claim with insurers and obtained approx. £1,200,000 for the scholar to help with the loss of sight. A truly horrific claim when an insurance broker is truly tested for their experience & professionalism.

Total Claim settled at £1,200,000

London Central Mosque
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