Largest Insurance Broker in the UK for Embassies,
High Commissions and Diplomats

We are the largest Insurance Broker in the UK for Embassies, High Commissions and Diplomats

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General Insurance Brokers UK Plc are in
Top 100 independent brokers in UK

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General Insurance Brokers UK Plc (GIB) originally started back in 1963. We are a privately owned independent firm of Professional Insurance Brokers specialising in the insurance of Embassies and High Commissions in the UK. We are insurance brokers to over 100 Embassies in the UK along with their diplomats. We pride ourselves on being the largest insurance providers to Embassies and Diplomats in the UK

Here at GIB, we have personnel with the highest qualifications in the insurance industry, namely Fellowship (FCII). We take our client relationships seriously and uphold the highest quality of customer satisfaction by providing face-to-face services.

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  • BMW Diplomatic car sales
  • Mercedes Benz Diplomatic car sales
  • Volkswagen Diplomatic car sales
GIB is strategically partnered with RSA Group to deliver the highest level of insurance services. In addition, we have good relations with the Diplomatic Car Sales at BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen to name a few.

Why Trust a Specialist Embassy Broker like General Insurance Brokers?

Diplomatic insurance is a highly specialized area with a number of particular requirements. Therefore it is essential to arrange cover through an insurance broker with experience in the field like us, who have tailor made created policies for the diplomatic community. General Insurance Brokers is the leading insurance broker for Diplomats, Embassies and High Commission clients, with a portfolio of over 1000 diplomats, and 100 embassies. In the event of unexpected catastrophic incidents, GIB has a wealth of experience dealing in the arena of complex claim settlements. Take a look below at some prior claims handled by GIB.

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